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Unleash the power of a low-code MVP with nuom, so you can turn your idea into a thriving business in a matter of a few weeks, no years.

Welcome to the Lean Startup 2.0

Launching a successful product is all about achieving product-market fit – the state when your product serves enough customers it becomes scalable.

But building MVP's with a full product team and thousands of lines of codes is expensive and time-consuming. You can spend months working on something that is miles away from perfect PMF.

But what if you could launch a working MVP that can generate revenue in a matter of weeks. With our low-code MVP, you can turn that idea into a thriving business.

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Low code mvp

Unlock the power for the low-code web

Using Webflow and our custom built low-code platforms, we can design, build, and launch an MVP in a few weeks.

Out of the box

We've got all the basic functionality you need for any web-based SaaS product ready to go.

Built to learn

From user testing to analytics, we'll build in everything you need to measure your product performance.

30-day warranty

For 30 days from launch, we'll fix any bugs or work on any changes all included in the original price.

"nuom are superb. They follow a simple design process that delivers great work. The cadence of working and learning is fast which is essential if you want meaningful results. Highly recommended!"

Alex Garner
Alex Garner
COO, Xperiome
The process

Our Approach

Starting with a Design Sprint, we'll design, build, and launch your MVP in a few weeks so you can drive revenue or secure funding.

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Understand your vision

We work in person with you to understand your goals and product vision.

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Design Sprint

We'll run a 5 day design sprint to prototype and test our MVP to see what your customers want from an MVP.

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Build the platform

Using Webflow and custom integrations, we'll build out your platform in a few weeks.

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We'll run through a high-quality testing process, making sure everything is running smoothly.

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Launch and measure

We'll launch the product, measuring user behaviour with Mixpanel so you can understand what works and what doesn't.

Why us?

We've helped companies
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We've helped companies launch low-code MVP's across multiple industries. From first-time founders to scaling businesses – we've got you covered.

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