Rewarding top sellers with a slick booking experience

A digital platform exclusively built for Herbalife members, creating a hassle-free experience from the beginning to end



Review and improve booking experience for selected members


Web Development
UI/UX Design


Reduced support tickets and improved admin control of booking flow
A digital platform exclusively built for Herbalife members, creating a hassle-free experience from the beginning to end

Getting the right balance

Herbalife are a global leader in meal replacements, food supplements and sports nutrition products. They reach their customers through a worldwide network of distributors, providing personalised support to customers who want to achieve long-lasting health and wellness goals. Their network of independent distributors and customers creates a unique, ever-growing community to support anyone on their journey to better nutrition.

Multilevel Marketing corporations, like Herbalife, pride themselves on offering a memorable vacation at a luxury resort to celebrate member success. Exclusively awarded to qualifying members, these vacation offerings have become the stand out event of the year.

Top-selling qualifying employees secure their dream vacation through a comprehensive booking site, which had become outdated. We worked with Herbalife to overhaul and improve their 2020 vacations site to offer a more safe and secure site dealing with large amounts of customer data, whilst also offering a great user experience from beginning to end.

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Understanding the problem

Prior to starting the much needed site refresh, we needed to understand where the problems occurred throughout the overall user journey. With the poor user experience, and an outdated trend-influenced style, the overall design of the site was getting in the way of the complex functionality. This resulted in customers being unable to book their complimentary holiday.

Complicated forms were creating a haphazard user experience, resulting in a low user uptake of holidays that were being offered. Unstructured content across the whole site also led to relevant and important information being missed.

Discovery leads to greatness

The process started by leading the Herbalife team through an in-depth discovery stage including trends research, user segmentation and workshops. The main goals of the discovery stage included understanding who is using the site, along with their goals and behaviour when going through the online booking process. Working collaboratively with Herbalife, we were able to pin down the whos, whats and whys, and develop a greater understanding of the challenges the users faced when trying to book a holiday.

Once it was clear where the problems arose and how the site needed to function, we moved into the UX phase, creating detailed wireframes to show the client a variety of solutions. We agreed on some quick wins that would enable the users to move through the process with ease, and looked at long-term functionality to improve the overall user experience of the site.

Form and functionality

Whilst the user experience of the booking process needed to be improved, the user interface of the overall site was a top priority in order to entice users to take that initial step through to the end of their booking journey. Imagery used across the site allows users to get a flavour of what can be expected on the luxury holiday, whilst also guiding them away from the homepage to start the booking process.

From filling out guest details through to making payments, the process of booking a holiday can be long and complex. To ease the process, the addition of a progression step marker breaks the process up into multiple logical steps, guiding the user to complete the task of booking their holiday. Once the user reaches the final confirmation step, they are presented with an easy-to-understand booking confirmation to indicate their holiday had been booked successfully.

A digital platform exclusively built for Herbalife members, creating a hassle-free experience from the beginning to end

Booking made easy

Qualifying coaches are now able to register for their vacation quickly, simply and through a hassle-free experience. The site redesign now offers a slick registration flow, with a more favourable user experience to enable all qualifying coaches to book their luxury holiday abroad.

Whilst the overall user experience and user interface were highly important for the vacation site, the most fundamental part of the functionality was the form and how the user gets from point A to B. Previously, there were elements of the form that needed attention in order to provide a continuous flow through the site; something which has been successfully resolved.

The introduction of Craft CMS also makes things simpler for the Herbalife team behind the site. Now, they can edit content themselves each year, saving Herbalife time and money in the future.

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