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Launching a revolutionary health management startup

A digital platform to transform the way you live to attain long-term sustainable health and wellbeing goals.

A digital platform to transform the way you live to attain long-term sustainable health and wellbeing goals.

A cultivated approach to healthy living

Fitpack takes the planning out of meal plans and exercise, providing a sustainable way to enjoy a healthier, plant-based and active lifestyle. With a tried and tested idea, their approach provides weekly, tailored plant-based meal plans, recipes (complete with a grocery list for meal preparation), and workouts, aiming to help people make and maintain healthy changes to their lifestyle.

The Fitpack team were looking for support in formulating a technical strategy to develop an online platform and native mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The goal: a January 2020 launch, just in time to celebrate #veganuary. We set out to meet this ambitious deadline, determined to help Fitpack release a flawless MVP within a short space of time, whilst enjoying every step of their journey.

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Will Mellors-Blair
CEO, Fitpack
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A user led approach

Working collaboratively with the Fitpack team, we undertook a thorough UX review of the initial MVP designs to create a user journey through the app with strong focus on a user-first approach. Showcasing the results through a clean user interface, utilising native features for both iOS and Android, the outcome was a practical and portable guide to healthy living.

Whilst the UI design was slick, the core of the product needed to be functional and reliable. The apps for iOS and Android were built with Swift UI and Kotlin respectively - the latest native technologies capable of becoming the backbone of the product.

Our agile project process was the ideal approach to bringing Fitpack to life and into the user's hands. Development sprints allowed us to work within tight timeframes whilst providing regular touch-points for the Fitpack team to gain their input and approval on the progression of their applications.

A digital platform to transform the way you live to attain long-term sustainable health and wellbeing goals.

Encouraging healthy habits

As a health and wellbeing app, Fitpack aims to build and maintain healthy habits for each and every user by adding them into their everyday routines. Providing healthy and delicious plant-based recipes, users are able to access tailored nutrition and exercise plans within a couple of clicks, with the designed interface playing an important role throughout application. These recipes are displayed on cards to enable the user to see what recipes are available and whether it is already selected for their plan, along with times it takes to prepare and the number of kilocalories. Further information is then displayed for the ingredients needed and method - all adding up to a user journey to encourage users to stick to their new found healthy habits.

Built to scale

The apps are supported by a Craft CMS database which uses Firebase to relay data to and from the app. Admins can login to this at any time to edit everything from meal ingredients to exercise video streaming links, providing scalability and the ability to provide up-to-date and on-trend content.

We integrated offline functionality to enable users to access content wherever they are, helping them stick to their new routines, no matter where life takes them.

Moving forward

We are continuing to work with the Fitpack team on future functionalities to take the app to the next level.

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