Build empathy and get closer to your customers

Using a lean research approach, we can help you uncover huge market insights and build a deep understanding of your customers so you can guarantee your products success.

Set the stage for
great work

When building products, it can be hard to know what the right decision is. This always comes down to a lack of clarity and high risk factor. Going with your gut can serve you well but sometimes it can result in a major catastrophe.

What you need is a deep understanding of how your customers think, feel, and behave. By investing in deep research, you can set the stage for great product decisions to be made.

A member of our team going through a clients digital product with them.
Design research

See around corners with
deep design research

Gain invaluable insights and build team understanding through
a lean, qualitative research practice.

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Quick and effective

Research doesn't need to cost a fortune or take an age – we get results fast.

Design on safari

We seek to understand how your users think, feel, and behave by observing them in the wild.

Actionable insights

We create you a research hub that gives your team what they need to make a real impact.

"The things we’ve learned from working with nuom are how to engage and review user behaviour and motivations which allowed us to make better decisions in our product design"

Lauren Colbeck
Head of Product, Peppermint
The process

Our Approach

Using a mix of qualitative and quantitive research approach, we seek to understand how your customers think, feel, and behave.

Set our questions

We work in person with you to define what research questions we're going to answer.

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Create a plan

Then we create a plan of action, deciding what methods we need to use to get the data we need.

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Go wide, go deep

We conduct our sessions, aiming to gather a mix of data that we can start to synthesise.

Pull out the insights

We review as a team, triangulating the data we have to find the sweet spots.

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Package it up

We package everything up into a Research Pack that you and your team can start to use.

Why us?

We help companies just like yours build understanding

Over the last 12 years, we've helped companies understand their customers better than ever before.

Our Approach

Understand your customers

Our research approach focuses around qualitative studies that seek to understand how your customers think, feel, and behave.

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Customer Interviews

Flows, IA, User Testing, Accessibility.

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UI Design

Visual design, Interaction design, Prototyping.

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Customer interviews, ethnography, qualitative studies.

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Design Systems

UI audit, design strategy, component libraries.

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