Deliver a product to market  at rapid speeds

Using integrations with platforms such as GCP, Firebase and Stripe, your purpose built product team will deliver a quality, scalable product to market faster than ever before.

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A sales chart showing an increase of 10%.We integrate a variety of useful tools and technologies.FirebaseStripeGoogle Cloud
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With you from start to finish

We build a product team around you, complimenting your skills and creating support so you know we've got your back from day one through to launch.

Data driven design decisions

Every project starts with our 5-day Design Sprint process, so we can get real user data to drive your product decisions and build something people truly want.

Fully-tested and ready to launch

We’ll work with you from idea, to a fully-tested and ready to go product. We only ship the highest quality products that pass our strict QA process.

"I can honestly say that nuom was exactly what we needed to bring the Kidzdiretc. App to life! They are professional with great working ethics and at the same time are very generous with their advice. I truly am happy that we have finally found someone that understands and shares the same vision as us."

Razlan Dawood
Co-founder, Kidzdiretc
We’re Experts

Expertise across every platform you'll need

Whether you need to build across Web, iOS, Android or all three we've got a team ready to go to. We have a rich history building both web and mobile products, having built 100's of the last 12 years. Plugin to an expert agency who have the right team with the right process.

Like a Start-up

Like your very own start-up, for hire

We build a dedicated, cross-functional team around you who understand your challenges and will help you build the perfect product. Enjoy the ease of working with your designers, developers and project managers with transparent, open communication using tools like Slack and Notion.

Simple set-up

Don't re-invent the wheel

Many dev teams will charge you for building all this setup and custom solutions. Instead, our product teams build on top of industry-leading integrations like GCP, Stripe and Firebase as well as our own pre-built platforms, cutting your development time by 75%. This leaves you to spend your money on features that drive revenue, rather than getting everything setup.

Ready to launch your product?

Our dedicated team will get your product to market quickly, so you can grow your business and drive breakout success.

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Here’s how it works

All we need from you is a great product idea and vision, your key stakeholders to attend weekly stand-ups and demos, and your sign-off in the UAT stages before launch.

Create a plan

A roadmap from idea to launch

Using our Design Sprint process, we can give you a detailed delivery plan with a product strategy based on data, not guesses, so you know what to build and when.

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Assemble the team

Bringing together the right people

We bring together the right team to make sure your project is a success. With constant communication, you have peace of mind you're making progress throughout the project.

A photo of the projects team together.
Build the product

From idea to MVP and beyond

Working in 2-week sprints, our teams will deliver each feature at lightning speed without sacrificing quality. From the start, we can plan in multiple release cycles so you can keep your customers in the loop before the big launch.

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Test & Review

We ship to highest standards

With our fully-qualified QA (Quality Assurance), nothing goes through without the thumbs up. We also include a UAT (User Acceptance Test) period as standard, so you can be sure you're only releasing a product you're happy with.

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Releasing to the wild

Whether you're pushing to the web or going live on the App store, we'll be there to guide you every step of the way. We'll make sure you hit your deadline and don't get caught up with any last minute headaches.

A shot of a live product on a mobile device.

With you for 30 days and beyond

We provide a minimum of 30 days warranty as standard. We'll cover bugs and fixes post-launch, and also provide you with our product experts to help you make your next move.

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What you’ll get from us

A fully-tested, launched product

Your product will be fully tested through a rigorous QA process and pass through a UAT environment before anyone sees it.

Delivery plan and strategy

A sprint-by-sprint play of how to build and launch your MVP, so you know the exact timing and costs of development.

A dedicated product team

No more faceless developers. You'll work with the same, dedicated team from start to finish, and know we’ll always be there to help.

30-day minimum warranty

We'll cover you for crashes, bug testing and fixes for no less than 30 days. For larger builds, we cover for a minimum of 90 days.

Frequently asked questions

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Who will be building my product with me?
Will you sign an NDA before we start?

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