Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in 5 Days

When creating new products or improving existing ones, a Design Sprint with nuom removes guesswork and compresses months of work into only 5 days.

Compress months
of work into a week

It’s no longer good enough to just build ‘a product’ – you need to build ‘the right product’.

You can spend weeks or even months guessing and arguing about what users will do and what features will work best but you will never know until you spend months building and launching.

But what if there was a way you could prototype a new product idea and validate it with your customers before you're even written a line of code?

Say hello to the 5 Day Design Sprint.

A photo of one of our designers, Curt, going over some prototype sketches with the rest of the team.
Design Sprints

Uncover amazing insights
and get closer to your customers

Design Sprints are a series of rapid design exercises spread over a working week. Our clients love Design Sprints because they replace endless back-and-forth with a tangible process that works.

Get everyone
on the same page

Cut out endless meetings and discussion by getting everyone aligned from day 1.

Out learn,
then out earn

Get to market in half the time
with a product you know customers
will love.

tangible results

Create a realistic, high-fidelity prototype and test it with real customers in a Design Sprint.

"The fact we went from just a few conversations to a fully-functional prototype in a few days is, quite literally, mind-blowing...the design sprint was well executed, professionally managed and yielded results which have been a transformational step for us."

Paul Saxton
Paul Saxton
CTO, 5Y Technology
The process

Our Approach

The Design Sprint is a 5-day process that combines Design Thinking, research, and product strategy into the perfect formula to start creating or improving a product.

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Day 1

We work in person with you to define the challenges and understand the scope of the week.

Day 2

We see which ideas and solutions we like and then draw out our prototype(s).

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Day 3

Our expert team rapidly designs a high-fidelity prototype to test with real users.

Day 4

We sit down 1:1 with real users to test our prototype and uncover insights.

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Day 5

We re-group to synthesise the research and plan the next steps.


What you get

After just 5 days, you’ll have everything you need to move your project forwards.

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High-fidelity, clickable prototype

A prototype that looks and feels like an actual app, along with all of the design assets.

Detailed Research Report

Insights from the user testing sessions to see how customers react to your product.

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Our expert recommendation

Our expert strategy to move forward and make your project a success.

Why us?

We run Design Sprints for
startups just like your

We’ve ran over 50 Design Sprints and seen it work for companies of all shapes and sizes.

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