Solve big problems and test new ideas with Design Sprints

The essential starting point when creating new products or improving existing ones – Design Sprints with nuom compress months of work into only 5 days

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Reduces risk &
improves your TTM

Save money and get to market faster by learning before you build, not once you get to market

Built for a
remote-friendly world

Working co-lated or fully remote – you can bring everyone together wherever they happen to be

Plugin to a tried and tested process

Built to fit around your team. Whether you're just starting out or want to take that next step – just plug and play

"The fact we went from just a few conversations to a fully-functional prototype in a few days is, quite literally, mind-blowing"

Paul Saxton
CTO, 5Y Technologies
Team alignment

Get your team in one place,  not all over the place

Starting projects can be messy. Design Sprints use collaborative workshops that allows your team to cut down on endless meetings and guesswork by following a step-by-step creative process

validate your idea

Know what customers want, before you build it

Use Designs Sprints to test with real customers and figure out what they want. Prototyping and user testing uncover insights that take your product to the next level.

Two people discussing while sat in front of a laptop.
create a clear vision

Figure out what ideas are worth your time, in no time

Design Sprints are the fastest way to find out what features and products are worth investing in. Reduce engineering costs and create the right product first time around.

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Here’s how it works

Spanning 5 days, the Design Sprint compresses months of design work by focusing on the essentials, so you can get the answers you need


Align, Map, and Sketch

We kick off with a collaborative workshop where we work in person with you, our client, to define the challenges and scope of the week. Then we align around the goals and map out the problem. We finish up by sketching out multiple ideas for review on Day 2.

Post-it note ideas on a whiteboard

Review and Decide

This day kicks off by reviewing our sketches and discussing our ideas. We then select one (or more) to prototype, and then start to figure out what the prototype(s) will look like.

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Using our storyboards from yesterday, our design team will create a high-fidelity, interactive prototype that looks and feels like real software, ready for user to test.

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Test with real customers

We test our prototype, and build a full picture of how your customers react to your product. This gives us a wealth of insights to know where to go next.

Two people discussing while sat in front of a laptop.


We’ll deliver a Design Sprint Pack containing all of the data we collected, the prototype, and our expert recommendations on what to do next.

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What you’ll get from us

Fully clickable prototype

An interactive prototype that looks and feels like an actual app, along with all design assets

Insights from customers

Raw data from our user testing sessions, you can see how customers reacted to the prototype

Design Sprint Pack

Everything we did in the Design Sprint, packaged up with a summary and expert recommendations

Frequently asked questions

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