Uncover insights and test new ideas in just 5 days

Plug-in to a proven method of success with Design Sprints. Using collaborative workshops, hi-fidelity prototyping and testing with real users, you can bring a new product to life or improve an existing one.

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Low investment with
a high return

Try new, crazy ideas without the code overhead. We create a highly-interactive, clickable prototype that works just like real software in a few days.

Know exactly what customers want

By speaking to real customers, you can find out what they want by validating your value prop and positioning to get a head on your marketing and sales.

Laying the foundations
of your product

You'll have all the requirements needed to work with the right tech partner so that you build something you know customers want.

"If you're a start-up founder like me who received angel funding for his idea, or if you're a senior exec/decision-maker at your company who needs a forward thinking, technical solution that's product or research based, then, nuom ARE the partner for you!"

Will Mellors-Blair
CEO, Fitpack
Team alignment

Get your team in one place,  not all over the place

Design Sprints orientate your team towards your north star. The use of collaborative workshops allows your team to cut down on endless meetings and guesswork by following a step-by-step process of innovation.

validate your idea

Don’t build something nobody wants

Use Designs Sprints to test the market and figure out what your customers want. Using prototyping and testing, you can find out what matters and drive value for your customers before you invest in building your product.

Plan your MVP

Reduce risk by learning  before you build something

Don't burn all your runway on endless builds or re-engineering. Our Design Sprint process will help you plan out your full build, laying out the foundations so you can build the right product first time and get to market faster than ever before.

Ready to kick-start your product?

In just five days, you’ll have a fully clickable prototype, a solid idea of what to build, and real user feedback to back it up.

Book a Design Sprint

Here’s how it works

All we need from you is an idea or problem to solve, and two days of your time to attend our initial workshop.


Align around the idea

We’ll run a collaborative workshop with your team to align around your idea, market and business goals, and gather enough information to start sketching out some potential design routes.

Post-it note ideas on a whiteboard

Map out our ideas

This day kicks off by reviewing our sketches and possible product routes with the team. We select one (or more) to storyboard, and start to understand what the prototype could look like.

Someone drawing on a whiteboard.

Create a prototype

Using our storyboard from Tuesday, our design team will create a high-fidelity, interactive prototype that looks and feels like real software, ready for us to test.

The team planning some ideas.

Test with real customers

We test our prototype, and build a fuller picture of how your customers feel about your product, positioning and pricing. This gives us a wealth of data to know where to go next.

Two people discussing while sat in front of a laptop.

Debrief and next steps

We’ll deliver a Product Strategy Pack containing all of the data we collected, the prototype, and our expert strategy on how to build and launch your product.

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What you’ll get from us

Fully clickable prototype

An interactive prototype that looks and feels like an actual app, ready to test with real users.

Real customer data

Test the prototype with real users, helping you see exactly what works and what steps to take.

Product Strategy Pack

A list of features you should build, ranked by order of importance to your users.

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Ready to kickstart your project?

Contact us to see if Martin’s team can help you. We'll be in touch to talk to you about your business and help you identify the best approach that works for you.

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