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What people say about our Free Training

"I can honestly say that nuom was exactly what we needed to bring the Kidzdiretc. App to life! They are professional with great working ethics and at the same time are very generous with their advice. I truly am happy that we have finally found someone that understands and shares the same vision as us."

Razlan Dawood
Co-founder, Kidzdiretc

"If you're a start-up founder like me who received angel funding for his idea, or if you're a senior exec/decision-maker at your company who needs a forward thinking, technical solution that's product or research based, then, nuom ARE the partner for you!"

Will Mellors-Blair
CEO, Fitpack

"Martin and the team have been nothing but outstanding on every detail of projects we have worked on. He has built an excellent team that shares his passion for everything digital. They build fantastic digital products and help make ideas a reality!"

Luke Roberts
Head of Digial, AFI

"The things we’ve learned from working with nuom are how to engage and review user behaviour and motivations which allowed us to make better decisions in our product design"

Lauren Colbeck
Head of Product, Peppermint

"nuom helped us to design a Community of Practice for our network, the Global Network of CSOs for Disaster Reduction. It's now launched and our members love it and are very excited by the possibilities. I highly recommend their services!"

Emma Kerr
Senior Project Manager, DAI

"Martin and the team came highly recommended from the two clients of theirs who I spoke to and have not disappointed...If you are thinking about an app project for your business, then i would not hesitate to recommend them."

Hannah Broom
Head of Marketing, ERF Electrical